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Habanos Nº193 (English)

Habanos No. 193
We celebrate the 55th anniversary of the Cohiba brand, the most prestigious Habanos brand and the most emblematic of Premium cigars.
– The name of the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, has been linked to the history of the Cohiba brand since its inception.
– Eduardo Ribera Irizarri, the man behind the initial blend of the most famous of Habanos.
– Five and a half decades of exclusivity, unsurpassed pleasure and quality treasures the Cohiba brand. A tour through its history shows its proven success.
– The list of beverages that harmonize with Cohiba’s 1492 Line is wide and varied: flavored vodkas, chocolatey beers, full-bodied red wines, vintage champagnes, among others.
– In recent decades, Cohiba has set out to offer exquisite and innovative products, the result of collaborations with prestigious firms such as S.T. Dupont, Zenith and Martell.

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